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Make an "Issue Area" Widget

Use this page to make a widget for your web-page or blog that will display either the most recent bills or the most-viewed bills in an issue area. First, select the issue area you want to display in one of two ways: by typing it into the text field, or by selecting a popular issue from the drop-down box. (There are over 4,000 issue areas here on OpenCongress, and a given issue area might be split into several subcategories — please visit the full alphabetical list to see them all.) Next, use the form below to custom-tailor your widget to match your web-page. Then, simply copy and paste the HTML chunk into your web-page. It's an easy way to keep your community updated on the issues that matter to you. For an example of how it looks, please see our sample.

(ie, "Immigration")

Or, enter the six-digit hex code:

Or, enter the six-digit hex code:

Or, enter the six-digit hex code:
How the panel will look:
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