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Missouri’s 4th Congressional District

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Missouri's 4th Congressional District consists of west central Missouri. The district is predominantly rural and relatively conservative; George W. Bush defeated John Kerry 64% to 35% in Election 2004 and John McCain defeated Barack Obama 61% to 38% in Election 2008. The district is currently represented by Vicky Hartzler, a Republican. This district has historically been a Democratic Party stronghold. Antipathy to the Republican Party had its origins in the American Civil War and the infamous General Order 11. While Republicans found some success in this area after the Civil War, until 2010 only one Republican had been elected here since the Great Depression and only for one term. Bill Clinton carried this district by a lopsided margin in 1992 and carried it again by a smaller margin in 1996. However, several demographic trends have converged to erode the Democratic base in this district. First, as the New York Times election maps show, the predominantly rural counties lining the Missouri River have sharply trended Republican between the 2000 Senate election and the 2006 election. (More from Freebase)



Roy Blunt Republican 4 years in office


Claire McCaskill Democrat 8 years in office



4th District Vicky Hartzler MyOC Group Republican 4 years in office

District Boundary Map

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