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Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District

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The 8th Congressional District of Tennessee is a congressional district in Tennessee. It currently includes most of the northwestern portion of the state and borders Arkansas, Missouri, and Kentucky. The district's current configuration dates from 1983, when Tennessee gained a 9th district as a result of the 1980 census. At that time, most of the old 7th District was reconfigured as the 8th District. Much of the territory in this district had been numbered as the 8th District from 1953 through 1973. Historically, the 8th was a strongly Democratic district. Along with the 5th and 9th districts, it was usually not seriously contested by Republicans for most of the 20th century. However, the Democrats in this district are nowhere near as liberal as their counterparts in the 5th and 9th districts—based in Nashville and Memphis, respectively. As with the 4th and 6th in Middle Tennessee, most self-identified Democrats in the 8th are usually conservative on social issues, and expect their legislators to focus attention upon obtaining federal funds for local public works or economic development projects, rather than to develop any talents for formulating public policy. (More from Freebase)



Lamar Alexander Republican 13 years in office


Bob Corker Republican 9 years in office



8th District Stephen Fincher MyOC Group Republican 5 years in office

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