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Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District

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Wisconsin's 3rd congressional district is a U.S. congressional district covering much of southwestern and western Wisconsin; The district includes the cities of La Crosse and Eau Claire. It borders the states of Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. Democrat Ron Kind has represented the district since 1997. The political nature of the district is moderate with a slight lean to the left, given its combination of an overall rural and suburban character counterbalanced by two significant urban centers and its proximity to Minneapolis and St. Paul. It historically elected moderate Republicans; before Kind's 1996 victory only two Democrats represented it in the 20th century. John Kerry narrowly carried the district in 2004 with 51% of the vote. The district voted more Democratic in 2008, giving Barack Obama 58% of the vote and 41% to John McCain. (More from Freebase)



Tammy Baldwin Democrat 3 years in office


Ron Johnson Republican 5 years in office



3rd District Ron Kind MyOC Group Democrat 19 years in office

District Boundary Map

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