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HeathervanWolf 10/17/2011 6:42pm

the Department of Interior does not need 22 million to provide oversight to Road building.

HeathervanWolf 10/17/2011 6:40pm

This is money poorly spent as this project is over budget, behind schedule, raises several safety concerns and does not create jobs.

HeathervanWolf 10/17/2011 6:37pm

This is a useful provision which will directly result in jobs for Americans in America. Sourcing iron, Steel and manufactured good from outside the US defeats the purpose of creating jobs in the US

HeathervanWolf 02/01/2011 3:59am

This is an essential provision which addresses a longstanding and much need regulation. Pilot Fatigue has been highlighted as one of the primary causes of aviation accidents according to the Science- based NTSB

HeathervanWolf 02/01/2011 3:55am

This is a useful clause which leverages private sectors expertise.

HeathervanWolf 02/01/2011 3:53am

This must include a provision to protect the taxpayer investment, provide oversight, transparency and permit the community to take part in the Preferred Carrier Selection process via open election process. Without local community involvement, the structure of permitting elected officials to hold the purse and create partnership with only select airlines opens the door to corruption.

HeathervanWolf 02/01/2011 3:46am

This is a loophole which could be exploited.

HeathervanWolf 01/31/2011 4:20pm

Fantastic Provision- the FAA must detail how the Next Gen air traffic redesigns will Benefit the users if aircraft is not outfitted with necessary technology yet.

HeathervanWolf 01/31/2011 4:05pm

This is a useful provision to preserve safety at Teterboro in the face of pressure for expansion which would compromise safety

HeathervanWolf 01/31/2011 4:01pm

The Administrator SHALL develop and publish information identifying best practices for reducing or mitigating aviation impacts on noise, air quality, or water quality in the vicinity of airports, based on the projects carried out under the pilot program.

HeathervanWolf 01/31/2011 3:59pm

Very Good Provision which supports Fliers Rights

HeathervanWolf 01/31/2011 3:56pm

A Federal Agency should not be permitted to regulate something like Baggage Fees on Musical Instruments while all other baggage fees are open market.

HeathervanWolf 01/31/2011 3:53pm

This clause should be excluded to provide the much needed incentive to operate more fuel efficient and less noisy aircraft in America. This opt Out Clause will serve to permit airport owners to serve aircraft for owners and operators who don’t wish to invest in more environmentally sound aircraft.

HeathervanWolf 01/31/2011 3:47pm

“or on a per-dollar-of-funds expended basis” should be removed from this clause

HeathervanWolf 01/31/2011 3:40pm

This is a fantastic provision which is a good example of public and private cooperation for mutually beneficial advancements in aviation safety

HeathervanWolf 01/31/2011 3:23pm

This is a good provision.

HeathervanWolf 01/31/2011 3:17pm

The completed transfer of land consists of 6,500 acres. In addition, if the new airport at Ivanpah Valley is ultimately built, “BLM will transfer an additional 16,903 acres to Clark County to serve as a noise compatability area for the new airport,” according to the Public Scoping Meeting.

HeathervanWolf 01/31/2011 3:13pm

This is a very good provision which will make necessary medical treatments available to Cancer Patients who might otherwise not have the means or ability to fly to treatment centers.

HeathervanWolf 01/31/2011 3:10pm

Further spending on the New York and New Jersey and the Philadelphia Metrolitan Area Airspace Redesign should be contingent upon a Cost Benefit Analysis of this project as required under Executive Order.

Recent OIG and GAO studies detail insufficient operational equipment to safely implement key airspace changes

HeathervanWolf 01/31/2011 3:08pm

Congress must require full disclosure of analytical data used by the FAA to create Administrative findings. Air Noise impact Monitoring by the FAA has been flawed and insufficient for this project. The FAA utilized outdated and flawed metrics with incomplete raw data to produce inaccurate ambient noise modeling during the initial study phase and was not corrected during Final EIS. Raw data on Noise with all key assumptions noted must be shared with Congress.

HeathervanWolf 07/16/2010 4:28am

This bill creates the Financial Stability Oversight Council which is endowed with broad sweeping powers including the ability to break up banks and create and impose and enforce regultions without further congressional approval or scrutiny. Because all but one Council seats are presidential appointed, I am concerned over the balance of power here. No congressional approval is included to safeguard abuse of power.

HeathervanWolf 07/16/2010 3:48am

Relationship between this council and the Newly created Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection?

HeathervanWolf 07/16/2010 3:43am

realizing the extent to which multi-national banks leverage derivatives, it seems this paltry change will not in fact have any measurable impact on the source problem. It is understandable however why lawmakers are not being more aggressive with Derivatives regulation as unraveling this now could prove devastating to firms like Citi and others. The trickle effect could be catastrophic.

HeathervanWolf 08/24/2009 7:49pm

This absolutely must be changed. A current sitting president should have no involvement in selecting any sitting member and certainly not appointment of the Committee Chair.

HeathervanWolf 08/24/2009 7:47pm

Remove this clause. Without full participation of members I do not believe a useful end product will result becuase the Political party make up could be compromised. All appointed members should be present or a qualified representative.

HeathervanWolf 08/24/2009 7:43pm
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I agree that this clause should be removed.

HeathervanWolf 08/24/2009 7:39pm

I want to see some Lawyer comments on this provision in the Bill. How is information being used and by whom. Are there any Privacy considerations?

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