OpenCongress will be shutting down on March 1st. But don't worry: We're doing so for a number of good reasons. From then on, we'll be redirecting users to the excellent GovTrack, where you can continue to monitor Congress.

ThisVigilantGuardian’s Political Notebook

Save and share your favorite political content, from OpenCongress and around the web.


Here you can add links to any webpage from OpenCongress or around the web. For example, on an OpenCongress bill page, click on the "+" next to the official bill number to add it here. Or, if you're reading a news article or blog post elsewhere on the web, use the bookmarklet to save it back here with your notes and remember it later. Don't forget the OpenCongress Blog — for example, a post comparing Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama's legislative accomplishments. Finally, you can bookmark any comment you value from users on OpenCongress — for example, a call to action on an Unemployment Bill.