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morgaine101 01/31/2009 10:24pm

I am shocked and dismayed that this bill is even in existence. Understand, I changed my party affiliation to Dem. so as to be able to vote for Obama in the primary. I voted for him in the general election. I am glad he won and I believe he will create the change that is so necessary not just to our country, but to our world. However, term limits exist for a reason. Term limits are part of the checks and balances of our governing system. To do away with presidential term limits would be to invite dictatorship into our governing system.

morgaine101 01/31/2009 4:22pm

I want to know, exactly and precisely, why each and ever member of the House voted as he or she did. What was unacceptable to whom? Why was it unacceptable? What seemed the perfect solutions to the problems? Why? My hope is that by becoming a member of this site (just moments ago), I will be able to answer those questions for myself. It is impossible for us as a country to continue on in a partisan fashion and hope to accomplish anything substantial and lasting for our nation. We MUST find common ground.
Had the government actually been regulating economic practices in this country, rather than trusting American citizens (both corporate and average) to not be devious and greedy, we would most assuredly NOT be in this mess right now.
It is exceedingly clear that the only people who benefit from ‘trickle-down economics’ are the very few, who already have the very most. Under that system, the backbone of the country and the economy, the middle- and working-class, have been left to flounder, and bear the brunt of taxation.
I truly believe the only fair tax will be a flat percentage rate tax that will then be split between federal and local governments. A ‘tithe tax’. Ten percent of one’s gross income, no tax shelters, no places to ‘hide’ the money so it won’t be taxed. Everyone pays their own fair share, up front. Complete transparency; annual public audits of the money trail. Anyone attempting to circumvent the process is fined extraordinarily, say 25% of their gross income. That should deter would-be crooks.
There’s my 25¢ (inflation).

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S.240 Ready to Learn Act (111th congress) Introduced Jan 16, 2009
H.R.34 Midnight Rule Act (111th congress) Introduced Jan 06, 2009
H.R.36 Presidential Library Donation Reform Act of 2009 (111th congress) House Passed Jan 08, 2009
H.Res.40 Amending the Rules of the House of Representatives to require each standing committee to hold periodic hearings on the topic of waste, fraud, abuse, or mismanagement in Government programs which that committee may authorize, and for other purposes. (111th congress) House Passed Jan 14, 2009
H.R.676 United States National Health Care Act or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act (111th congress) Introduced Jan 27, 2009
H.R.2998 American Clean Energy And Security Act of 2009 (111th congress) Introduced Jul 23, 2009
H.R.1826 Fair Elections Now Act (111th congress) Introduced Jul 30, 2009

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H.J.Res.5 Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President. (111th congress) Introduced Feb 09, 2009
H.R.25 Fair Tax Act of 2009 (111th congress) Introduced Jan 06, 2009
H.R.875 Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 (111th congress) Introduced Apr 23, 2009