2006 Congressional candidates from Florida

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2006 election information

The following candidates for Congress were on the general election ballot in 2006:

  • Sen. Bill Nelson, Democratic candidate (incumbent) (winner)
  • Rep. Jeff Miller, Republican candidate (incumbent) 1st District (winner)
  • Rep. Allen Boyd, Democratic candidate (incumbent) 2nd District (winner)
  • Rep. Corrine Brown, Democratic candidate (incumbent) 3rd District (winner)
  • Rep. Ander Crenshaw, Republican candidate (incumbent) 4th District (winner)
  • Rep. Cliff Stearns, Republican candidate (incumbent) 6th District (winner)
  • Rep. John Mica, Republican candidate (incumbent) 7th District (winner)
  • Rep. Ric Keller, Republican candidate (incumbent) 8th District (winner)
  • Rep. Bill Young, Republican candidate (incumbent) 10th District (winner)
  • Open Seat - 11th District - Rep. Jim Davis, Democratic incumbent is running for Governor
  • Rep. Adam Putnam, Republican candidate (incumbent) 12th District (winner)
  • Rep. Connie Mack, Republican candidate (incumbent) 14th District (winner)
  • Rep. Dave Weldon, Republican candidate (incumbent) 15th District (winner)
  • Open Seat - 16th District - Rep. Mark Foley, Republican incumbent, resigned September 29, 2006; Foley withdrew from race but his name will remain on ballot.
    • Joe Negron, Republican candidate; State Representative selected to replace Foley but his name will not appear on the ballot
    • Tim Mahoney, Democratic candidate 16th District (winner)
    • Emmie Ross, Independent candidate [2]
  • Rep. Kendrick Meek, Democratic candidate (incumbent) 17th District (winner)
  • Rep. Bob Wexler, Democratic candidate (incumbent) 19th District (winner)
  • Rep. Alcee Hastings, Democratic candidate (incumbent) 23th District (winner)
  • Rep. Tom Feeney, Republican candidate (incumbent) 24th District (winner)