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This congressional scorecard is from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employess (AFSCME). The original scorecard is available here. Click through a member's name for their full profile or click through a vote number for more information on that vote.




AFSCME's selected votes, as described by the organization. Click through for more information on each vote.

  1. Raising the Minimum Wage – H.R. 2 (Passage). Roll Call 18. AFSCME supported.
  2. Lowering Prescription Drug Prices – H.R. 4 (Passage). Roll Call 23. AFSCME supported.
  3. Protecting an Employee’s Right to Join a Union – H.R. 800 (Passage). Roll Call 118. AFSCME supported.
  4. Supporting Domestic Needs at Home – H.R. 1591 (Passage). Roll Call 186. AFSCME supported.
  5. Preventing Harmful Budget Cutbacks – S. Con. Res. 21 (Conference Report). Roll Call 377. AFSCME supported.
  6. Giving Public Safety Officers Collective Bargaining Rights – H.R. 980 (Passage). Roll Call 633. AFSCME supported.
  7. Weakening Medicare Benefits for Seniors – H.R. 3043 (Amendment). Roll Call 675. AFSCME opposed.
  8. Helping Victims of Employment Discrimination – H.R. 2831 (Passage). Roll Call 768. AFSCME supported.
  9. Investing in Children’s Health and Medicare Protection – H.R. 3162 (Passed). Roll Call 787. AFSCME supported.
  10. Preserving a Tax Cut for the Wealthy – H.R. 3056 (Motion). Roll Call 959. AFSCME opposed.
  11. Preventing Privatization of IRS Tax Collection – H.R. 3056 (Passed). Roll Call 960. AFSCME supported.


  • "Agree": Vote supporting the AFSCME position
  • "Disagree": Vote contrary to the AFSCME position
  • "No vote": Did not vote
  • "Ineligible": Member not eligible to vote at the time[1]


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  1. From AFSCME [1].

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