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According to his campaign website, Lentz supports allowing Americans to continue partnerships with their current doctors and insurance. He is against allowing insurance companies to discriminate "against those with pre-existing conditions". (


Lentz claims his military background has made him acutely aware of the hazards of America's dependence on foreign oil and he pledges to "fight for alternatives to combat high gas and home heating prices and for a national commitment to the development of renewable energy, green technology and energy independence."

He will also work to reward industries "that take advantage of innovative renewable energy technologies like wind, solar and geothermal" via tax cuts. (

All things Bryan Lentz and green energy. The article includes a review of Lentz’s June 22nd press conference “held to support the passage of HB 2405” which further diversifies the nature of renewable energy projects that are state-supported. The article has a link to the video of the press conference, and quotes Lentz’s has made regarding Pennsylvania’s role in the green energy economy, legislator’s role in developing the green energy economy, and the impact of green energy on the environment and terrorism.

Source: "Representative Lentz Releases Comments on Green Energy and Jobs from Friday Press Conference in Chester County". June 22, 2010.

Lentz’s memorandum to all members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives regarding “co-sponsorship of legislation creating Keystone Green Zones and establishing a severance tax on natural gas”. The Keystone Green Zone Act is the bill Lentz would introduce, and it would provide tax incentives to manufacturers operating via clean energy standards, and the “zones” would be located “in areas served by a community college with a [STEM] program”.

Source: "Memorandum. Subject: Co-Sponsorship of legislation creating Keystone Green Zones and establishing a severance tax on natural gas". Jan. 26, 2010.

Lentz’s voting record for environmental issues. Lentz has consistently voted in favor of bills regarding electronic material recycling, clean energy, alternative energy incentives, and other legislation since 2007.

Source: "Project Vote Smart: Rep. Bryan Lentz". Date unknown.

Science policy tracking by Molly Patterson, SEA Deepwater Horizon Intern