CLEAN Energy Act of 2007

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Upon taking control of the 110th Congress in January 2007, Democrats promised to pass comprehensive energy legislation. When passed by the House, the CLEAN Energy Act of 2007 simply addressed royalties and tax breaks previously afforded to oil and gas companies. The Senate later amended the bill, and passed a much more comprehensive version which included [more on what the Senate version included].

Some organizations publicly supported or opposed the bill. Their arguments were [more on arguments regarding the bill].

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The original House version of the act would primarily eliminate tax breaks for oil companies, end exemptions for oil companies from paying oil and gas royalties, and establish a reserve of the revenue resulting from the act to offset costs and fund alternative energy research. The Senate-amended version also included other provisions, such as requirements for raising automobile fuel efficiency standards, greater funding for research, development, and promotion of alternative energy technology, consumer protections against price gouging, and promotion of international energy partnerships and diplomacy to foster international energy security.