Campaign finance legal developments post Citizens United

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Legal Developments post Citizens United

Lawsuits and Legal Decisions

FEC Actions

  • Advisory Opinion, 6/30/2011 - <a href="">Majority PAC and House Majority PAC</a> - Found that federal officeholders and candidates could solicit contributions on behalf of super PACs and other committees that can accept unlimited individual, corporate, and labor organizations as long as the candidate or officeholder abides by contribution limits during their solicitations. Also ruled that candidates and officeholders could attend, speak at, and be featured guests at fundraisers for these committees. 
  • Advisory Opinion, 12/1/2011 - <a href="">Constitutional Conservatives Fund PAC</a> - In response to a request by Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), found that leadership PACs are still subject to donation limits and reporting requirements and can not accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, or labor organizations for the purpose of financing independent expenditures.

State laws