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Citizen journalists, local bloggers and concerned Americans with an Internet connection:

We at Congresspedia are looking to the future and the 110th Congress and would like you to help us get an early jump on the reporting. To compliment the profiles on each member of the 109th Congress, we've started creating profiles for the 2006 challengers who have a decent shot at winning.

On election night the Congresspedia editors will be staying up late to record the results on the state-by-state listings and each of the individual Congressional and challenger profiles. There's two ways to participate:

  • Help build profiles of the challengers: Go to our Election 2006 homepage and click on a state to get to that state's election index page for the full list of races. Like all internal links on the Congresspedia, blue links go to articles that already exist and red links go to articles that have not yet been created. We've already got nearly 100 profiles of challengers, so you can either help expand those pages or jump in and create a new profile for a challenger not yet covered.
  • Identify the winning candidates on election night: When a local Congressional race is called by a major media outlet or a candidate concedes, we'd like help in adding the information into Congresspedia. There's two places to do this:
    1. As described above, go to the specific state's election index page and place a "(winner)" after the winning candidate's name.
    2. Edit the individual profiles of the incumbent and/or challenger to reflect who won the race.

Like any page on Congresspedia, adding this information is as simple as clicking the "edit" tab at the top of the screen (a simple registration is required).

Local bloggers: Each member of Congress and candidate profile has a "Local blogs and discussion sites" section. If you have a site that covers Congress from a local perspective, we'd love to link to your site. Your politics don't matter and opinions are fine—opinions are part of the political process, we just need to keep them on places other than Congresspedia. And, because we're a wiki, you don't even need our permission. Just click "edit" on the appropriate profiles and add it yourself!

As with all questions and comments about Congresspedia, the editors are happy to hear from you. You can reach Congresspedia Editor Conor Kenny at Conor [AT] or by leaving a message on his talk page.