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Donna Christensen ()
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Committees: House Committee on Energy and Commerce, House Committee on Natural Resources
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Next election: Nov. 6, 2012

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Donna M. Christensen currently serves as the Congressional Delegate from the Virgin Islands and is also a superdelegate in the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.


Record and controversies

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Organization 2007 Scorecard
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2008 Scorecard
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American Civil Liberties Union not avail. not avail.
American Conservative Union not avail. not avail.
AFSCME not avail. not avail.
Americans for Democratic Action not avail. not avail.
Club for Growth not avail. not avail.
Drum Major Institute not avail. not avail.
Family Research Council not avail. not avail.
Information Technology Industry Council not avail. not avail.
League of Conservation Voters not avail. not avail.
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People not avail. not avail.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce not avail. not avail.

Iraq War

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House delegate voting rights

Christensen said that she would have preferred to receive full voting rights, but that the rule change was "important because it's a step forward."SEO Company "House delegates may get partial voting rights,"] Associated Press (via MSNBC), January 22, 2006.</ref>

Main article: Voting rights in the District of Columbia</span></span>


2008 superdelegate

This information was gathered by volunteer researchers as part of the Superdelegate Transparency Project on the superdelegates for the 2008 Democratic presidential primary. For more info see the Virgin Islands superdelegate tracker or visit the STP homepage.

Christensen was born in Teaneck, Bergen County, New Jersey on September 19, 1945. She attended St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana and George Washington University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C.. She was a physician, then served as medical director for the St. Croix Hospital, St. Croix, Virgin Islands. She was the commissioner of health for the Virgin Islands and a delegate to the Democratic National Conventions for the 1984, 1988 and 1992 elections. She worked as a television journalist, and then was elected as a <a href="United%20States%20Democratic%20Party">Democrat</a> to the House, serving from January 3, 1997, to the present.

Congressional career

SAP Indonesia

2006 elections

Pest Control & Anti Rayap

Money in politics

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Committees and Affiliations

  • Director, <a _fcknotitle="true" href="Congressional%20Black%20Caucus%20Foundation">Congressional Black Caucus Foundation</a> [1]


Committees in the 110th Congress (2007-2008)

  • <a _fcknotitle="true" href="House%20Committee%20on%20Homeland%20Security">House Committee on Homeland Security</a>
    • Subcommittee on Emergency Communications, Preparedness, and Response
    • Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, and Science and Technology
  • <a _fcknotitle="true" href="House%20Committee%20on%20Natural%20Resources">House Committee on Natural Resources</a>
    • Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands
    • Subcommittee on Insular Affairs, Chair

Committee assignments in the 109th Congress (2005-2006)

  • <a _fcknotitle="true" href="House%20Committee%20on%20Homeland%20Security">House Committee on Homeland Security</a>
    • Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness Science and Technology
    • Subcommittee on Investigations
    • Subcommittee on Prevention of Nuclear and Biological Attack
  • <a _fcknotitle="true" href="House%20Committee%20on%20Resources">House Committee on Resources</a>
    • Subcommittee on National Parks Recreation and Public Lands - Ranking Minority Member
    • Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform and Oversight

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DC office
  • 1510 Longworth House Office Building Washington, DC 20515
    Ph: 202-225-1790 Fax: 202-225-5517
    Webform email
District offices
  • Post Office Box 5980, Space 25, Sunny Isle Shopping Center, St. Croix, VI 00823
    Ph: 340-778-5900 Fax: (none entered)
  • Second Floor, Suite 207, Nisky Business Center, St. Thomas, VI 00802
    Ph: 340-774-4408 Fax: (none entered)
On the Web
Campaign office
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