Drum Major Institute 2008 Senate Scorecard

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This congressional scorecard is from the Drum Major Institute. The original scorecard is available here. Click through a member's name for their full profile or click through a vote number for more information on that vote.




The Drum Major Institute's selected votes, as described by the organization.

  1. Amendment to Strike Title II From FISA Amendments Act - S.AMDT. 5064 to H.R.6304. Roll Call 164. DMI supported.
  2. Amendment to the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations Act – H.R. 2642. Roll Call 137. DMI supported.
  3. Senate Version of the Auto Industry Financing and Restructuring Act – H.R. 7005. Roll Call 215. DMI supported.
  4. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act – H.R. 4040. Roll Call 193. DMI supported.
  5. Emergency Economic Stabilization Act – H.R. 1424. Roll Call 213. DMI opposed.
  6. Helping Families Save Their Homes In Bankruptcy Amendment - S.AMDT. 4338 TO H.R. 3221. Roll Call 88. DMI opposed vote against amendment.
  7. Higher Education Opportunity Act – H.R. 4137. Roll Call 194. DMI supported.
  8. Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act - S.AMDT. 4825 TO S.3036. Roll Call 145. DMI supported.
  9. Recovery Rebates and Economic Stimulus for the American People Act – H.R. 5140. Roll Call 10. DMI supported.
  10. Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act – H.R. 6049. Roll Call 150. DMI supported.


  • "Agree": Vote supporting the Drum Major Institute's position
  • "Disagree": Vote contrary to the Drum Major Institute's position
  • "No vote": Did not vote[1]


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  1. From Drum Major Institute, "TheMiddleClass.org 2008 Congressional Scorecard".

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