H.R.140: Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011

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Section 1- names the bill Birthright citizenship act of 2011

Section 2- A) will amend Section 301 of the immigration and Nationality Act (8 USC 1401) to read "in general" before...

B) redesigning sections a-h to 1-8 respectively

C) will add the exception at the end of the bill to only apply to any person born within the US who has a parent

I) who is a us citizen or national Ii) A legal alien who is a permanent resident of the United States iii) an alien performing active service in the armed forces as applies to section 101 of title 10 of the USC

This law will not apply to any one born before this law is passed == Bill history == == Articles and resources == === See also === === References ===
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