H.R.4691: Temporary Extension Act of 2010

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This bill would extend for one month the expiration deadline for unemployment benefits and COBRA health care subsidies. Both programs are set to expire on Feb. 28, 2010. It would also patch a 21 percent cut in doctors' pay that's scheduled to take place under an automated Medicare formula designed to keep doctor pay in line with the rate of inflation. A handful of other expiring programs would also be extended for one month under the bill. The bill text designates everything in the bill besides the Medicate reimbursement fix to be "emergency" and not subject to "Pay-Go" rules, which specifically exempt emergency spending.


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A vote in favor of this bill would extend unemployment benefits.

Sen. Jim Bunning’s [R, KY] one-man filibuster came to an end allowing the Senate to pass an emergency extension for unemployment benefits. [1]

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  1. Eric Naing "Bunning Relents, Temporary UI Extension Signed Into Law" OpenCongress blog, March 3, 2010.

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