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The OpenCongress wiki now supports the publishing of congressional scorecards with cross-publishing of scores on the profiles of members of Congress. Do you know of a scorecard that would be useful to add? You can publish it yourself or get in touch with someone to help you out (see below).

All scorecards are available at Category:Congressional scorecards.


General tips

The first step is to put the scorecard into a .csv file that includes, if applicable, the score from the organization as well as the "agree ratio" of votes in agreement/total votes (some organizations do not provide an overall score and some weight certain votes, so this helps give some consistency to the information across scorecards).

The internal formating is a little tricky, but a good example to follow is the American Conservative Union 2007 House Scorecard. The easiest thing to do is to just cut and paste out the pagenames in the text from an existing scorecard and substitute in your new one.

The format for naming scorecards is "NAMEOFORGANIZATION YEAR/CONGRESSNUMBER CHAMBER 'scorecard'". E.g. American Conservative Union 2007 House Scorecard. Note that the actual data is stored in the "SCORECARDNAME data" file, e.g. American Conservative Union 2007 House Scorecard data.

Things to include

It is also recommended to include:

  • Any relevant notes from the organization on how they select votes and any weighing they give to some votes or others. * A key for specific notations.
  • Links to the OpenCongress wiki articles on that bill/vote.
    • At that wiki article, it is also useful to blockquote the organization's description of the vote.
  • A link back to the original scorecards.
  • The organization's position on that vote.
  • The "[[Category:Congressional scorecards]]" tag so that it shows up in that category.

Again, the American Conservative Union 2007 House Scorecard provides a good example for this.

Further help

If you need any help, get in touch with someone at the contact page.


Semantic values: are mainly set in the Template:Scorecard chart display, which is itself called from within the Template:Congresspedia voting record.