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HillaryAttacks.com, whose website slogan is "It's our party. It's our choice", was launched on November 19, 2007,[1] by a blogger known as "Jed" who also blogs at The Jed Report.[2]

HillaryAttacks is a "savvy site assailing" Sen. Hillary Clinton "for being too eager to 'attack' her opponents -- and other countries. 'The way to go on offense against Hillary is to talk about the other meaning of the phrase Hillary Attacks -- as in Hillary attacks Iraq or Iran,' advises the anonymous author, who says he is a 34-year-old 'former politico,' and 'just a guy in Las Vegas with a blog.' Think more politico than Vegas blogger -- the site has the pointed feel of opposition research, with several crisp videos arguing that Clinton is Rovian in her fights with Democrats and Cheney-esque in her rhetoric against Iran. (A professional-quality video posted this weekend even crunches data from 485 general election poll questions.) The site, which has drawn links from DailyKos, Wired and the official Edwards campaign blog, often sounds like a campaign conference call: key points are 'top-lined,' 'right-wing frames' are scorned, and the strategic and moral agenda are one: 'Iran is Hillary Clinton's Achilles' heel, both politically and substantively'," Ari Melber wrote December 20, 2007, at The Huffington Post.[3]


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URL: http://www.hillaryattacks.com



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  • YouTube User JedReport identifies himself as a John Edwards supporter.