Information Technology Industry Council 2007-2008 House Scorecard

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This congressional scorecard is from the Information Technology Industry Council. The original scorecard is available here. Click through a member's name for their full profile or click through a vote number to read its full description.




ITI's selected votes, as described by the organization. Click through for more information on each vote.

  1. America COMPETES Act – H.R. 2272 (Roll Call 802). ITI supported.
  2. Patent Reform Act of 2007 – H.R. 1908 (Roll Call 863). ITI supported.
  3. Internet Tax Moratorium – H.R. 3678 (Roll Call 1014). ITI supported.
  4. United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement Implementation Act – H.R. 3688 (Roll Call 1060). ITI supported.
  5. Comprehensive Energy Legislation – H.R. 6 (Roll Call 1177). ITI supported.
  6. Financial Rescue Plan – H.R. 1424 (Roll Call 681). ITI supported.


From ITI:

  • "Agree": Voted with ITI position
  • "Disagree": Did not vote with ITI position
  • "No vote": Did not cast vote
  • "Ineligible": Ineligible voter/not in office[1]


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  1. From ITI [1].

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