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"Paul calls out Conway over Energy ties" LeoWeekly. June 2, 2010

There is a large controversy in the race surrounding Conway and his supposed ties to large utility companies. Conway has made a motion to dismiss rate hikes on energy companies and has hotly contested these allegations.

"State could be left sucking wind" Kentucky.com. June 1, 2010

This article details a controversy in the race surrounding Conway's supposed ties to large utility companies. It discusses Conway's motion to dismiss rate hikes on energy companies. Conway argues that Kentucky has sufficient generating power, and that any increase in wind power and other renewable energy would only act as an unnecessary expense that consumers would not be able to afford.


"Conway voices opinion over cap and trade" WYMT News. October 8, 2009

Conway opposes the cap and trade bill. He says the legislation would cost Kentucky miners more than 1800 dollars a year. Conway said, "I don't think we can put that type of burden on Kentucky families right now when families are concerned about how they are going to buy groceries and find a job. it doesn't make sense to me." Instead, he proposed an alternative energy bill "done right" which would spur jobs and increse employment.


"Conway embracing the role of 'real Democrat'" Pharmacy Choice. April 22, 2010.

Conway has made fighting cyber-crime a priority. He additonally supports the research and development of coal to liquid plants in Kentucky. According to this article, Conway walks a fine line between pleasing the coal industry and alienating environmental groups.



"Conway and Paul lay out campaign philosophies" The Morehead News. July 13, 2010

Conway supports the negotiation of drug prices for Medicare, closing offshore tax loopholes and establishing Medicare fraud units. Conway's position regarding health care is directly connected to his views on fiscal accountability.

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