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Science policy tracking by Nirav Patel, SEA (Climate Policy) Intern


John Callahan still silent on cap and trade and national energy tax” 6/28/2010
As of June 28, 2010, Callahan still hasn’t revealed how he stand on the national energy tax called cap and trade. This tax would increase the prices on traditional energy sources in his district which is mainly from coal. The taxes would be very costly and thousands of jobs are expected to be lost.

“John B. Callahan”
This article shows that Callahan is a member of the National League of Cities’ Policy Committee on Energy, Environment and Natural Resources. This shows that he wants to do positive things regarding alternative energy sources.



“Public Safety”
Callahan did a good job in making sure his town was kept very safe by increasing the number of police officers on duty. He also did this by balancing the budget each year. He made his town into an excellent living environment for people and especially for families.

“Health Care”
Callahan wants to pass fiscally responsible reform that gives every American quality, affordable health care. He wants everyone to have access health insurance and benefits. He wants the government to pass a sound health care bill.

Research and Development (R&D):
“Jobs & Economic Development”
Callahan believes in always putting the people he serves first. He has helped lower his cities’ debt by millions of dollars and has helped to create thousands of jobs in this area.