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U.S. Senator

Mark Warner




Leadership: No leadership position
Committees: Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, Senate Committee on the Budget
(subcommittees and past assignments)

Candidates for the VA-Senate Class II Seat:
(Next election: 4 November 2014)

Confirmed: None so far
Considering: None so far
Rumored: None so far
Potential: None so far
Dropped-out: None so far
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Mark R. Warner a Democrat, has represented the state of Virginia in the Senate since 2009. He served as Governor of Virginia from January 12, 2002 – January 14, 2006.


Positions, record and controversies


  • Crackdown on oil speculators who are manipulating the market. [1]
  • Apply pressure to OPEC nations to produce more, while empowering the Justice Department to crackdown on price gouging. [1]
  • Promote telecommuting and optional, flexible work schedules [1]
  • Expanding a tax credit for hybrid and battery technology vehicles [1]
  • Dramatically increase our research and development, to encourage innovative new technologies and alternative sources [1]
  • Off-shore exploration in search of natural gas [1]
  • Working with auto makers to raise fuel efficiency standards [1]
  • Upgrade and expand domestic refining capacity [1]
  • Implement cap-and-trade proposals to responsibly limit carbon emissions [1]

Health Care

Warner supports bringing down the price of prescription drugs and supports affordable, universal health care coverage for Americans. [1]

Iraq War

Warner supports bringing troops home but not under artificial time lines. Warner believes in properly supporting returning troops by providing the money and resources to care for wounded veterans. [1]


A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Governor Warner graduated from George Washington University in 1977 and from Harvard Law School in 1980. His subsequent business career included helping create more than 70 telecommunications and information technology companies and serving as a founding partner of Columbia Capital Corporation, a Virginia technology venture capital fund. Active in technology and education issues, he started the Virginia High-Tech Partnership in 1997 and has chaired the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges and the Virginia Math and Science Coalition. He was also the founding chair of the Virginia Health Care Foundation. Warner served as chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia from 1993 to 1995, and in 2002 he was inaugurated as Virginia's governor. He was the Appalachian Regional Commission's 2004 states' co-chair.[1]

2008 elections

Possible candidacy in the U.S. presidential election, 2008

  • Warner formed a Political action committee (PAC) "to begin raising money for a possible run at the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 while he finishes his term in Virginia." The PAC "will be a 'federal leadership committee,' a precursor to a formal exploratory committee, which would be needed to officially campaign for office." --Washington Post, June 10, 2005.
  • Warner hired Monica Dixon, Al Gore's former deputy chief of staff "to be the federal PAC's first part-time consultant." Dixon "will help set up meetings between Warner and Democrats across the country as he makes the transition from governor to private citizen." --Washington Post, June 10, 2005.
  • "The budding presidential ambitions of" Governor Warner "were nourished last night with the commodity all national political aspirants need -- a large dose of cash." --Richmond Times-Dispatch, December 7, 2005.

Senate election

On September 13, Mark Warner confirmed early rumors that he would run for Senate. He stated, "I’ve decided the way I can contribute most to getting our country back on the right track is to serve in the United States Senate." Mark Warner's announcement was a major pick up for the Democrats, as he offered a strong possibility of taking a seat that would have been safely Republican had Sen. John Warner sought reelection. Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) praised Warner, saying "I have come to know Mark in the last six months and have seen he is an outstanding American leader who will run a great campaign and be a tremendous asset to his state and his country. We’re excited about his campaign and even more excited about him joining us in the Senate."[2]

While it appeared unlikely that Mark Warner would be up against a challenger in the Democratic primary, Republican Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) and former Gov. Jim Gilmore (R) both appeared to be eying the Republican nomination.[3]

Warner won the Democratic nomination to run for the Senate seat that will be left vacant after Sen. John Warner's retirement.[4]. Warner defeated Republican challenger Jim Gilmore in November 2008 general elections. [5]

Money in politics

This section contains links to – and feeds from – money in politics databases. For specific controversies, see this article's record and controversies section.

Campaign contributions

The following is drawn from government records of campaign contributions to Mark Warner. Campaign contributions are one of the most direct conduits for influencing members of Congress. How to use this information.

Top Contributors to during the 2008 Election Cycle
DonorAmount (US Dollars)
JPMorgan Chase & Co$ 103,916
Blackstone Group$ 101,800
Altria Group$ 95,099
Dominion Resources$ 91,020
Norfolk Southern$ 77,401
Blue Cross/Blue Shield$ 67,350
Aetna Inc$ 63,100
Genworth Financial$ 61,400
McGuireWoods LLP$ 60,903
Blackrock Inc$ 55,100
Source: The Center for Responsive Politics' site.
Note: Contributions are not from the organizations themselves, but are rather from
the organization's PAC, employees or owners. Totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.


Committees and affiliations


Committees in the 110th Congress (2007-2008)

Warner will be assigned committees shortly.


More background data


DC office
  • 475 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510
    Ph: 202-224-2023 Fax: 202-224-6295
    Webform email
District offices
  • 101 W. Main St., Suite 4900, Norfolk, VA 23510
    Ph: (none entered) Fax: (none entered)
  • 5309 Commonwealth Centre Parkway, Midlothian, VA 23112
    Ph: (none entered) Fax: (none entered)
  • 180 W. Main St., Abingdon, VA 24210
    Ph: (none entered) Fax: (none entered)
On the Web
Campaign office
  • No campaign website entered.
  • No campaign webform email entered.
  • Friends of Mark Warner, 1029 North Royal Street, Alexandria VA 22314
    Ph: 703-740-5100 Fax: (none entered)


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