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Content and features overview

In March of 2009 we launched the OpenCongress Wiki. It was a merger between OpenCongress and the now-defunct Congresspedia, and the move and upgrade has resulted in several exciting new things:

  • Many articles on the OpenCongress Wiki are integrated with OpenCongress, including:
  • Community projects have been improved as well. Some to check out:
    • RaceTracker — your source for every race in the 2010 congressional elections
    • Transparency Hub — a one-stop-shop for transparency-related resources
  • Enhancements to the profiles for members of Congress include:
    • Video from their YouTube channel (if available)
    • Their latest tweets on Twitter
    • Direct e-mail links to contact your lawmakers

You can also find some oldies but goodies, which we've polished for the OpenCongress rollout:

Community-driven policy

While we’re using the Congresspedia content as a starting point, we do want to make the OpenCongress Wiki a user-driven community. That means we’re looking for your input on editorial policy, the structure of the wiki, etc. Join that conversation here.