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RaceTracker 2012 Congressional Election Dashboard
2012 House report  ยท 2012 Senate report
House: 435 seats Senate: 33 seats
GOP Dems Total GOP Dems Total
Confirmed primary challenges 5 2 7 5 5 10
Possible primary challenges 0 0 0 0 0 0
Open seats* 16 21 41 3 6 102
1. Includes Joe Lieberman, who is retiring from his Conn. senate seat.

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RaceTracker is currently only tracking races for the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. If you're interested in helping us expand the project to other elections, please send us an email.


U.S. Senate

Seats up for election in 2012:

Select seat for race details Incumbent Photo Party Next election Incumbent running Primary challenge Confirmed candidates Possible candidates
PA-Senate Class I Seat Robert Casey 412246.jpeg Democratic 2012 Yes No Tom Smith
Robert Casey

U.S. House of Representatives

Select seat for race details Incumbent Photo Party Incumbent running Primary challenge Confirmed candidates Possible candidates
PA-01 Robert Brady 400047.jpeg Democratic Yes No John Featherman
Robert Brady
PA-02 Chaka Fattah 400130.jpeg Democratic Yes No Robert Mansfield
Chaka Fattah
PA-03 Mike Kelly 412465.jpeg Republican Yes No Missa Eaton
Mike Kelly
PA-04 Jason Altmire 412231.jpeg Democratic Yes, for a different seat N/a Scott Perry
Harry Perkinson
PA-05 Glenn Thompson 412317.jpeg Republican Yes No Charles Dumas
Glenn Thompson
PA-06 Jim Gerlach 400147.jpeg Republican Yes No Manan Trivedi
Jim Gerlach
PA-07 Patrick Meehan 412466.jpeg Republican Yes No George Badey
Patrick Meehan
PA-08 Michael Fitzpatrick 400646.jpeg Republican Yes No Kathy Boockvar
Michael Fitzpatrick
PA-09 Bill Shuster 409888.jpeg Republican Yes No Karen Ramsburg
Bill Shuster
PA-10 Tom Marino 412468.jpeg Republican Yes No Phil Scollo
Tom Marino
PA-11 Lou Barletta 412469.jpeg Republican Yes No Gene Stilp
Lou Barletta
PA-12 Mark Critz 412386.jpeg Democratic Yes No Keith Rothfus
Mark Critz
PA-13 Allyson Schwartz 400647.jpeg Democratic Yes No Joe Rooney
Allyson Schwartz
PA-14 Michael Doyle 400114.jpeg Democratic Yes No Scott Grimes
Hans Lessmann
Michael Doyle
PA-15 Charles Dent 400648.jpeg Republican Yes No Rick Daugherty
Charles Dent
PA-16 Joseph Pitts 400320.jpeg Republican Yes No Aryanna Strader
Joseph Pitts
PA-17 Tim Holden 400183.jpeg Democratic No N/a Matt Cartwright
Laureen Cummings
PA-18 Tim Murphy 400285.jpeg Republican Yes No Larry Maggi
Tim Murphy
PA-19 Todd Platts 400321.jpeg Republican No N/a