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File:California 2007 congressional districts.JPG
California's fifty-three congressional districts



Barbara Boxer (D)

50px Dianne Feinstein (D)


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In the 110th Congress, California had 34 Democrats and 18 Republicans in the U.S. House and 2 Democratic senators. In the 2008 elections, California elected 34 Democrats and 18 Republicans to the U.S. House, and continues to have 2 Democratic Senators. (See results)




Neither senate seat is up for election in 2008

1st district Incumbent:Mike Thompson (D) won re-election.
50px Zane Starkwolf (R)
Carol Wolman (G)
2nd district Incumbent: Wally Herger (R) won re-election.
50px Jeff Morris (D)
3rd district Incumbent: Dan Lungren (R) won re-election.
durston_006sm.jpg Bill Durston (D)
50px Art Tuma (Libertarian)
Dina Padilla (Peace & Freedom Party)
4th district Incumbent: John Doolittle (R) is retiring at the end of his term.
50px Charlie Brown (D)
50px Thomas "Tom" McClintock (R)
5th district Incumbent: Doris Matsui (D) won re-election.
50px Paul Smith (R)
Linda Roberts (Peace & Freedom Party)
6th district Incumbent: Lynn Woolsey (D) won re-election.
Mike Halliwell (R)
Joel Smolen (Libertarian)
7th district Incumbent: George Miller (D) won re-election.
Roger Allen Petersen (R)
William Callison (Peace & Freedom Party)
Camden McConnell (Libertarian)
8th district Incumbent: Nancy Pelosi (D) is won re-election.
50px Cindy Sheehan (Independent)
Philip Berg (Libertarian)
Lea Sherman (Socialist Workers)
50px Dana Walsh (R)
9th district Incumbent: Barbara Lee (D) won re-election.
50px Charles Hargrave (R)
James M. Eyer (Libertarian)
10th district Incumbent: Ellen Tauscher (D) won re-election.
50px Nicholas Gerber (R)
11th district Incumbent: Jerry McNerney (D) won re-election.
50px Dean Andal (R)
12th district Incumbent: Jackie Speier (D) won re-election.
50px Greg Conlon (R)
50px Barry Hermanson (G)
Nathalie Hrizi (Peace and Freedom)
Kevin Dempsey Peterson (Libertarian)
13th district Incumbent: Pete Stark (D) won re-election.
Raymond Chui (R)
14th district Incumbent: Anna Eshoo (D) won re-election.
Carol Brouillet (Green)
Brian Holtz (Libertarian)
50px Ronny Santana (R)
15th district Incumbent: Mike Honda (D) won re-election.
Joyce Cordi (R)
Peter Myers (G)
16th district Incumbent: Zoe Lofgren (D) won re-election.
Charel Winston (R)
Steven Wells (Libertarian)
17th district Incumbent: Sam Farr (D) won re-election.
50px Jeff Taylor (CA) (R)
18th district Incumbent: Dennis Cardoza (D) won re-election.
19th district Incumbent: George Radanovich (R) won re-election.
Muir Matteson (Libertarian)
20th district Incumbent: Jim Costa (D) won re-election.
50px James Lopez (R)
21st district Incumbent: Devin Nunes(R) won re-election.
50px Larry Tufts Johnson (D)
22nd district Incumbent: Kevin McCarthy (R) won re-election.
23rd district Incumbent: Lois Capps (D) won re-election.
50px Matt Kokkonen (R)
24th district Incumbent: Elton Gallegly (R) won re-election
50px Marta Ann Jorgensen (D)
25th district Incumbent: Buck McKeon (R) won re-election.
50px Jacquese Conaway (D)
26th district Incumbent: David Dreier (R) won re-election.
Ted Brown (Libertarian)
50px Russ Warner (D)
27th district Incumbent: Brad Sherman (D) won re-election.
Navraj Singh (R)
Tim Denton (Libertarian)
28th district Incumbent: Howard Berman (D) won re-election.
29th district Incumbent: Adam Schiff (D) won re-election.
Charles Hahn (R)
Alan Pyeatt (Libertarian)
30th district Incumbent: Henry Waxman (D) won re-election.
31st district Incumbent: Xavier Becerra (D) won re-election.
32nd district Incumbent: Hilda Solis (D) won re-election.
33rd district Incumbent: Diane Watson (D) won re-election.
50px David Crowley (R)
34th district Incumbent: Lucille Roybal-Allard (D) won re-election.
50px Christopher Balding (R)
Michael Ortega (Socialist Workers)
35th district Incumbent: Maxine Waters (D) won re-election.
50px Theodore Hayes (R)
Herb Peters (Libertarian)
36th district Incumbent: Jane Harman (D) won re-election.
50px Brian Gibson (R)
37th district Incumbent: Laura Richardson (D) won re-election.
38th district Incumbent: Grace Napolitano (D) won re-election.
Christopher Agrella (Libertarian)
39th district Incumbent: Linda Sanchez (D) won re-election.
50px Diane Lenning (R)
40th district Incumbent: Ed Royce (R) won re-election.
50px Christina Avalos (D)
41st district Incumbent: Jerry Lewis (R) won re-election.
50px Tim Prince (D)
42nd district Incumbent: Gary Miller (R) won re-election.
50px Ed Chau (D)
43rd district Incumbent: Joe Baca (D) won re-election.
John Roberts (R)
44th district Incumbent: Ken Calvert (R) won re-election.
50px Bill Hedrick (D)
45th district Incumbent: Mary Bono (R) won re-election.
50px Julie Bornstein (D)
46th district Incumbent: Dana Rohrabacher (R) won re-election.
50px Debbie Cook (D)
50px Tom Lash (G)
47th district Incumbent: Loretta Sanchez (D) won re-election.
50px Rosie Avila (R)
50px Robert Lauten (AIP)
48th district Incumbent: John Campbell (R) won re-election.
50px Steve Young (D)
49th district Incumbent: Darrell Issa (R) won re-election.
50px Robert Hamilton (D)
Lars Grossmith (Libertarian)
50th district Incumbent: Brian Bilbray (R) won re-election.
50px Nick Leibham (D)
50px Wayne Dunlap (Libertarian)
51st district Incumbent: Bob Filner (D) won re-election.
50px David Joy (R)
Dan Litwin (Libertarian)
52nd district Incumbent: Duncan Hunter (R) has announced he is not running for re-election.
50px Duncan D. Hunter (R)
50px Michael Lumpkin (D)
53rd district Incumbent: Susan Davis (D) won re-election.
50px Michael Peter Crimmins (R)
Edward Teyssier (L)



Mike Thompson (D-1st district)

50px Wally Herger (R-2nd district)
50px Dan Lungren (R-3rd district)
Johndoolittle.jpg John Doolittle (R-4th district)
50px Doris Matsui (D-5th district)
50px Lynn Woolsey (D-6th district)
50px George Miller (D-7th district)
50px Nancy Pelosi (D-8th district)
50px Barbara Lee (D-9th district)
50px Ellen Tauscher (D-10th district)
50px Jerry McNerney (D-11th district)
50px Tom Lantos (D-12th district)
50px Pete Stark (D-13th district)
50px Anna Eshoo (D-14th district)
50px Mike Honda (D-15th district)
50px Zoe Lofgren (D-16th district)
50px Sam Farr (D-17th district)
50px Dennis Cardoza (D-18th district)
50px George Radanovich (R-19th district)
50px Jim Costa (D-20th district)
50px Devin Nunes (R-21st district)
50px Kevin McCarthy (R-22nd district)
50px Lois Capps (D-23rd district)
50px Elton Gallegly (R-24th district)
50px Buck McKeon (R-25th district)
50px David Dreier (R-26th district)
50px Brad Sherman (D-27th district)
50px Howard Berman (D-28th district)
50px Adam Schiff (D-29th district)
50px Henry A. Waxman (D-30th district)
50px Xavier Becerra (D-31st district)
50px Hilda Solis (D-32nd district)
50px Diane Watson (D-33rd district)
50px Lucille Roybal Allard (D-34th district)
50px Maxine Waters (D-35th district)
Janeharman.jpg Jane Harman (D-36th district)
50px Laura Richardson (R-37th district)
50px Grace Napolitano (D-38th district)
50px Linda Sanchez (D-39th district)
50px Ed Royce (R-40th district)
50px Jerry Lewis (R-41st district)
Garymiller.jpg Gary Miller (R-42nd district)
50px Joe Baca (D-43rd district)
50px Ken Calvert (R-44th district)
50px Mary Bono (R-45th district)
50px Dana Rohrabacher (R-46th district)
50px Loretta Sanchez (D-47th district)
50px John Campbell (R-48th district)
50px Darrell Issa (R-49th district)
50px Brian Bilbray (R-50th district)
Bobfilner.jpg Bob Filner (R-51st district)
50px Duncan L. Hunter (R-52nd district)
50px Susan Davis (D-53rd district)

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