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File:Colorado 2007 congressional districts.JPG
Colorado's seven congressional districts



Ken Salazar (D)

50px Wayne Allard (R)


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The Colorado congressional primaries will be held on Aug. 12, 2008.

In the 110th Congress, Colorado had 4 Democrats and 3 Republicans in the U.S. House and 1 Republican and 1 Democratic senators. In the 2008 elections, Maine elected 5 Democrats and 2 Republicans to the U.S. House, and now has 2 Democratic Senators. (See results)



Senate Incumbent: Wayne Allard (R) has announced he will not run.
50px Mark Udall (D) won election
50px Bob Schaffer (R)
Bob Kinsey (G)
Douglas Campbell (American Constitution)
Jerry Dean Carter (I)
1st district Incumbent: Diana DeGette (D) won re-election
50px George Lilly (R)
Martin Buchanan (L)
2nd district Incumbent: Mark Udall (D) has announced he will not run, running for Senate seat only.
50px Jared Polis (D)won election
50px Scott Starin (R)
50px Bill Hammons (Unity)
Joe Calhoun (G)
3rd district Incumbent: John Salazar (D) won re-election .
50px Wayne Wolf (R)
4th district Incumbent: Marilyn Musgrave (D) is running for re-election.
50px Betsy Markey (D)won election
5th district Incumbent: Doug Lamborn (R) won re-election .
50px Hal Bidlack (D)
Richard Hand (Unaffiliated)
Walter Curtis Imrie Jr. (Unaffiliated)
Brian X. Scott (American Constitution)
6th district Incumbent: Tom Tancredo (R) has announced he will not seek re-election.
50px Mike Coffman (R) won election
50px Hank Eng (D)
7th district Incumbent: Ed Perlmutter (D) won re-election .
50px John Lerew (R)
Steven Lee Childs (G)



Diana DeGette (D-1st district)

50px Mark Udall (D-2nd district)
50px John Salazar (D-3rd district)
50px Marilyn Musgrave (R-4th district)
50px Doug Lamborn (R-5th district)
50px Tom Tancredo (R-6th district)
50px Ed Perlmutter (D-7th district)

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