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OpenCongress Community Portal

Welcome to the OpenCongress Community Portal, your guide to the latest citizen-powered projects and the development of the OpenCongress Wiki.

We want to make the OpenCongress Wiki a user-driven community. That means we’re looking for your input on editorial policy, the structure of the wiki, and the different types of projects you would like to pursue. This is the place to begin that conversation.

Where to get help

Main Help page – links to all the OpenCongress Wiki help pages.
OpenCongress Wiki forum – help for beginning users.
Wikipedia Reference desk – general-knowledge questions.

Current community projects
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Citizens tracking every candidate in every district. Coordinated by the Swing State Project.

Transparency hub logo.jpeg
Transparency Hub

A collective knowledge base for the pro-transparency community. Coordinated by the Sunlight Foundation.

OpenCongress Meta
The "Meta" namespace is reserved for OpenCongress Wiki policies and procedures. We want you to have some ownership in these policies so that they work for you — this Wiki should be a bottom-up endeavor. So take a second to review some of the pages there (like Meta:Editorial policy and Meta:Article guidelines). You can ask questions or debate the policies on each page's "discussion" tab, or visit the OpenCongress Wiki forum to extend the discussion there.

As always, should you have any questions contact the OpenCongress staff.