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RaceTracker 2012 Congressional Election Dashboard
2012 House report  ยท 2012 Senate report
House: 435 seats Senate: 33 seats
GOP Dems Total GOP Dems Total
Confirmed primary challenges 5 2 7 5 5 10
Possible primary challenges 0 0 0 0 0 0
Open seats* 16 21 41 3 6 102
1. Includes Joe Lieberman, who is retiring from his Conn. senate seat.

Use the following criteria to categorize candidates in the RaceTracker project. You can discuss the criteria in the RaceTracker discussion forum.


Confirmed candidate: Candidate has made a formal announcement that s/he is running for this seat, or, in the case of an incumbent, has filed appropriate paperwork with the relevant election agency.

Unconfirmed incumbent: Candidate is the incumbent but has not yet formally announced whether s/he will seek another term or filed appropriate paperwork with the relevant election agency.

Considering (candidate):' Candidate has made a statement (or statements) indicating s/he is considering a run for this seat and plans to make a formal announcement at a later date.

Potential (candidate): Candidate could potentially run for this seat, but there has been no widespread discussion to date.

Rumored (candidate): Widespread, plausible speculation that a candidate might or will run for this seat.

Out (candidate): Candidate has either: a) formally said s/he will not run for this seat; b) formally announced a run for this seat but later dropped out; or c) failed to file for this seat by the filing deadline.