Reconciliation Act of 2010

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This bill would amend the Senate's health care bill to bring some of its provisions more in line with the more progressive House version of the bill. It is a budget reconciliation bill, resulting from instructions that were included in Congress' 2010 budget plan. Under the rules, debate of this bill would be limited to 20 hours in the Senate, meaning no filibuster, and amendments would be severely limited. The House is expected to vote on this bill on Sunday 3/21/10. It will be very tight, likely coming down to a single vote.

A full summary of how this bill would amend the Senate health care bill can be found here.

Notably, this bill includes the unrelated Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, which would end a program that provides government subsidies to student loan companies and use the resulting saving to increase Pell Grants and other scholarship programs. It would also provide funding for renovating and constructing public schools and community colleges and ensuring that such institutions meet environmental and energy standards.