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The Republican Party is one of the two major political parties in the United States.


The republican party was established in 1854 by a conglomerate of politicians and non-politicians who opposed the expansion of slavery and held a Hamiltonian vision for modernizing the nation. The party has occasionally been dubbed "America's natural governing party", since 18 of the 27 US Presidents since 1861 have been Republicans. The party is not to be confused with the Democratic-Republican party of Thomas Jefferson or the National Republican Party of Henry Clay.

Members of the Republican Party in Congress

Name Full state name District
Aaron Schock Illinois 18
Adam Kinzinger Illinois 11
Addison Wilson South Carolina 02
Adrian Smith Nebraska 03
Alan Nunnelee Mississippi 01
Allen West Louisiana 05
Ander Crenshaw Florida 04
Andy Harris Maryland 01
Arlen Specter Maine Senior Seat
Austin Scott Georgia 08
Bill Flores Texas 17
Bill Huizenga Michigan 02
Bill Johnson Ohio 06
Bill Posey Florida 15
Bill Shuster Pennsylvania 09
Billy Long Missouri 07
Blaine Luetkemeyer Missouri 09
Blake Farenthold Texas 27
Bob Corker Tennessee Junior Seat
Bob Gibbs Ohio 18
… further results

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