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 Sharron Angle is the 2010 Republican nominee for the United States Senate seat in Nevada held by current Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.


Record and Controversies


"Sharron Angle: The $20 billion in BP escrow cash was "slush fund"" 7/8/10

Angle has recently called the $20 billion fund set up by BP and the federal government as a "slush fund." She claims that the government should not be doing this to a private company and that the government is using this crisis to pass cap and trade. Later, she revised her claim, saying that she should not have used the term "slush fund."


"Q&A: Reid and Angle go toe to toe" 7/4/10

Angle wants to remove America's dependence on foreign oil . She thinks that America should first develop our nation’s “coal and natural gas resources.” She believes this will "provide high-paying jobs and expand our economy."



"Harry Reid, Sharron Angle on opposite sides of every issue" 7/4/10

Angle opposes storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain but she has also said that the state of Nevada should stop fighting to stop the storage of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain. She supports safe nuclear energy and believes plants should be built.



"Sharron Angle grilled on Social Security, Medicare and 'taking Harry Reid out'" 6/30/10

Sharron Angle appeared for her first mainstream media interview and she has backed down on some of her more extremist views like ending Social Security. Instead, her view toward social security now is to allow privatization for future recipients.

"Welfare, Entitlements, and Sharron Angle" 6/28/10

Sharron Angle does not seem to understand Social Security, calling Social Security a welfare system, when it is actually an entitlements system. The writer accuses Angle of using euphemisms like “personalizing” Social Security for privatization.

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