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SW: Campaign Ad Watch

The following information was collected in anticipation of a planned project, which may be reinstated

--Avelino 15:47, 1 October 2008 (EDT)

Campaign ads

The Wiki The Vote Ad Watch project uses citizen power to fact-check the 2008 campaign ads.
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Heinrich campaign ads

<youtube align="right" size="tiny" caption="'Dust' Heinrich Attacks President Bush">NBRsBVw62is</youtube> As reported on the New Mexico FBIHOP, Heinrich began airing this ad in May of 2008, only a few days before President Bush traveled to New Mexico to raise funds for Heinrich's opponent. The ad criticizes President Bush's performance on the economy, energy policy, and the Iraq War.[1]

In the ad, Heinrich draws three distinctions between himself and President Bush. Heinrich promises to:

  • "End the Bush tax breaks for millionaires" and "push for tax cuts for middle-class families"
  • Vote to end tax breaks for oil companies and create jobs through investments in alternative domestic energy sources.
  • End the war in Iraq in order to free up funding to "help families here."

Anti-Heinrich Ad from Freedom's Watch

In August 2008, the New Mexico FBIHOP blog reported that a group called Freedom's Watch started paying to air an audio ad (available here) attacking Heinrich on his opposition to offshore drilling legislation.[2]

The ad suggests that Heinrich is against offshore drilling and explicitly states that he is "against exploring all new domestic energy options." Heinrich's positions appears to be more nuanced:

  • In a survey recently submitted by Heinrich, he stated that he would support lifting the ban on offshore drilling if economic and environmental concerns were taken into account.[3]
  • Heinrich is not "against exploring all new domestic energy options." On Heinrich's campaign website, he states that he supports expanding domestic oil production, releasing a portion of the Strategic Petroleum Oil Reserve, and increasing funding for alternative forms of energy production, such as wind and solar power.[4]

DCCC Radio Ad

As reported on the New Mexico FBIHOP blog, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is airing ads to defend Heinrich against the allegations made by Freedom's Watch. The DCCC audio is available to listen to here.[5]

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