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Illinois Conservative Action Network Endorses Teri Davis Newman for IL-12 Congressional Seat

<span style="font-size: medium;" /> Republican Candidate Teri Davis Newman Gains Momentum for the Illinois 12th Congressional Seat as Illinois Conservative Action Network Backs the Southwest Illinois Businesswoman's Bid for Out-of-Touch Incumbent Costello's Seat.

– Dec 07, 2009 – Teri Davis Newman gained more momentum in her bid for the 12th Illinois U.S. Congress seat with the another important endorsement. The Illinois Conservative Action Network gave the Republican challenger their stamp of approval and endorsed her candidacy for the seat currently held by Jerry Costello. This is the latest of a growing list of endorsements for the outspoken firebrand who has been hammering at the incumbent for supporting Nancy Pelosi's health care bill and disregarding the wishes of the voters of the 12th district.
"Everyone hates Pelosi-care" stated Mrs. Newman "and Jerry voted for it just like he votes the party line 98% of the time since 1988 and he doesn't care what the people want."
Mrs. Newman is adamant that she will be the "People's Congresswoman" and pledges to have a town meeting at least twice a month somewhere in the district. Congressman Costello hasn't held a town meeting in a number of years and Mrs. Newman has been hammering him on that issue along with taking nearly 3 million dollars in campaign contributions in cycles when Costello was unopposed for re-election.
"Why does anyone need campaign donations when they have no opponent in the election?" asks Mrs. Newman at her campaign speeches and follows it with the question: "Do you really think Jerry's working for YOU?"
Support for the candidly outspoken challenger has been growing throughout the district as Mrs. Newman campaigns tirelessly and her popularity among the voters is growing rapidly as she hammers her message home.
The Illinois Conservative Action Network (ICAN) identifies incumbent candidates that have demonstrated a disdain for the Constitution, or who simply follow the party line in an ill advised obedience to party bosses that prevents them from working in the best interest of their state or the country as a whole and works to defeat them in primary contests and replace them with candidates like Mrs. Newman who will honor the founding principles of limited government, limited taxation, respect for private property, and individual liberty.
In addition to Mrs. Newman, ICAN has also endorsed the following candidates in the February 2, 2010 primary:
Governor: Adam Andrzejewski
Secretary of State: Robert Enriquez
Senate: Patrick Hughes
Congressional Districts:
District 3: Michael Bendas
District 5: Rosanna Pulido
District 8: Joe Walsh
District 9: Joel Pollak
District 11: David McAloon
District 12: Teri Davis Newman
District 14: Jeff Danklefsen
District 19: Mike Firsching
They will add others as more information is received and endorsement decisions made. Mrs. Newman's campaign web site: www.voteforteri2010.com

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Teri Newman Laughs at Opponent's Innuendos Calls them "A Tempest in a Teapot"

Teri Newman laughed off her Primary Opponent's Desperate Smear Attempts as a "Tempest in a Teapot' and Reiterates Her Dedication to be the "People's Congresswoman".

 – Jan 22, 2010 – 12th Congressional candidate front-runner and likely Republican nominee Teri Newman laughed off her opponent's desperate attempts to save her floundering campaign and called the attempted smears "a tempest in a teapot".

Theresa Kormos is attempting to make a major issue out of the fact that the outspoken and feisty Mrs. Newman lives 3 miles from the edge of the 12th district and has based most of her campaign on this non-issue.

"This whole residency thing has been hashed to death in the papers and it's a non-issue as 3 miles from the edge of the district isn't Chicago--it's an extra 5 minute drive that inconveniences no one but me. In case no one has noticed, the job is in WASHINGTON DC which is WAY outside the district. I fail to see how living 3 miles from the edge of the district or applying for a job as a writer 2 years ago is a character question." stated Mrs. Newman.

Page 15 of the Illinois Election guide states the legal requirements clearly:
MINIMUM AGE: 25 years (United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 2)
RESIDENCY: United States citizen for seven years. Inhabitant of Illinois at the time of
the election. (United States Constitution, Article I, Section 2)

" From day one I've made no secret about where I live and I challenge anyone to tell me how the issues in Highland differ from the issues in Shiloh, O'Fallon, Mascoutah, Pinckneyville, Du Quoin, or anywhere else in the district." said Mrs. Newman

With the upcoming census, certain redistricting and subsequent gerrymandering that Illinois is famous for Mrs. Newman lives so close to the edge of the district that she could very well end up in the 12th district without moving an inch.
"Is Theresa willing to pledge to resign if she is outside the district after the lines are redrawn?" asked the affable Mrs. Newman.
The voters will make their decision on February 2nd in the Republican primary that Mrs. Newman is heavily favored to win. Her crowd appeal is undeniable as is her passion and enthusiasm for a conservative takeover of the House of Representatives. As for the smears that are being heaped upon her character by her opponent for living just outside the district boundaries, Mrs. Newman shrugs them off.
"I fail to see how living outside of the district is a character issue when I've made no secret of where I live and I'm not breaking any rules or laws" she states.
Mrs. Newman is determined to run on the issues and let the voters decide for themselves and says that she and her opponent made a "Ladies' Agreement" that they would not stoop to the tactics that the Democrats are so famous for; what Mrs. Newman refers to on her blog as: "The Politics of Personal Destruction" and Mrs. Newman has lived up to her promise of no mudslinging.
"Ms. Kormos and I agreed between us that we would not engage in this sort of tactic, an agreement that I have upheld and she has repeatedly broken. I am very disappointed in Theresa both as a candidate and a person for not keeping her word" said Mrs. Newman, "but I will not stoop to personal attacks on a fellow Republican because it is beneath my dignity to do so."

Mrs. Newman has repeatedly maintained that the voters need to choose for themselves.
She has also made the astounding pledge to keep her telephone number listed in the phone book so that her constituents can always reach her if they need help.

"I'm determined to be the PEOPLE'S Congresswoman, so if you need me to help you with something, call me at home if you need to. I don't mind a bit--it's my job!"</span

Congressional Candidate Teri Davis Newman Blasts Jerry Costello for Not Supporting Military Effort

Teri Davis Newman angrily lambasted Costello for his lack of support for American troops in Afghanistan and labeled him "Cut and Run Costello" for his desertion of the military in the war on terror.

– Dec 01, 2009 – Fairview Heights, IL--Teri Davis Newman, Republican candidate for 12th Illinois Congressional District seat lambasted Jerry Costello today, accusing him of withdrawing support for the American military and deserting the troops after President Obama finally decided to heed the advice of his generals and send more troops to Afghanistan.
"Jerry Costello suddenly becomes a fiscal conservative, today of all days, at the cost of supporting American men and women in uniform?" asked Mrs. Newman who appeared shocked by the news of Costello's desertion of the military.
Mrs. Newman and many others in the 12th district have long considered the aging incumbent to be one of Nancy Pelosi's sycophantic lapdogs voting as he is told to do. According to Congressional records 98% of his votes are in lockstep with the Democratic party and Pelosi's wishes, including supporting the highly unpopular health care bill, passed in the Saturday night sneak attack on Americans.
In a voice filled with anger Mrs. Newman blasted the incumbent:
"Costello says we can’t afford to pay for a war with a credit card--but he didn’t have ANY problem using a taxpayer supported credit card for bailout money for banks and special interest groups while running up the national debt to record levels and rocketing the unemployment rate to double digits" she continued in a voice filled with anger "but when America’s military leaders asked for more troops and supplies to finish the job in Afghanistan, he suddenly decided supporting the troops was unaffordable and whined that "other countries need to do their part." .
The conservative Mrs. Newman is a staunch supporter of America's military as her father-in-law is a retired USAF fighter pilot and Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun) instructor and her husband is an engineer working at Scott Air Force Base.
"What happened to America being a world leader, and what do you say to families whose children have paid the ultimate price for our freedom?" she asked, her voice cracking with emotion and she continued her attack on Costello's position
"What do we tell the parents of our brave soldiers---Sorry, we don’t want to stay and finish the job because it costs too much, let France do it?" she queried sarcastically and then sarcastically snapped: "Jerry deserves a new title: "Cut and Run Costello!"
Mrs. Newman's oldest niece served two tours in Iraq as member of the Air Force Security Police working with a bomb dog to find IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device) and also spent time in Kuwait during her military service. Mrs. Newman concluded her remarks with:
"Our brave patriots who volunteer to risk their lives to fight for our freedom deserve our support. They are being abandoned by Congressman Costello over money--the same Costello that voted for the TARP bailout fiasco and the nightmare deficits Pelosi-care will bring to America's taxpayers. The people of the 12th district deserve much better representation in Congress than someone who jumps when Nancy Pelosi snaps her fingers and obediently votes the Party manifesto."
The Primary election is February 2, 2010 and the General election is November 2, 2010 for the Congressional seat. With his approval rating an abysmal 37% the incumbent Costello is facing a serious challenge from Mrs. Newman, a businesswoman who is gaining rapid support through the district with her message of fiscal responsibility and refusal to accept contributions from special interest groups and PACs resonating with the voters.

<spanTeri Davis Newman Announces Candidacy for U.S. Congress</span><span style="font-size: large" />

Teri Davis Newman enters the U. S. Congressional Race in the Illinois 12th district. She is challenging the incumbent Democrat Jerry F. Costello and will run as a Republican Candidate in the 2010 election.

Highland, IL – Sep 20, 2009 – Highland IL--Teri Davis Newman announced today that she will run as a Republican against the longtime Democratic incumbent Jerry F. Costello in the very diverse 12th district of Illinois. Widely considered to be unbeatable because of his huge support from Special Interest Groups and PACs, Mrs. Newman has chosen a formidable opponent. Rep. Costello accepted more than 3 million dollars in PAC money while running unopposed in the 2000 and 2006 election cycle according to Sourcewatch, an Internet watch organization that monitors political contributions. Mrs. Newman, a highly respected businesswoman and 4th generation Illinois resident has strong support in the business and military community. Mrs. Newman also has strong ties to the farming community as the Chain of Rocks canal runs through the land that used to be her great-grandmother's farm in Alton, Illinois. Mrs. Newman brings a lifetime of diverse experiences to her bid for elected office. A child prodigy who graduated from High School at the age of 15 and went on to major in English in college. After college, she moved to Atlanta and worked the at the Apparel mart. The former model, who has lived all over the world including a 2 year stay in Tokyo, Japan considers having lived overseas to be a defining experience in her life. After 10 years in health care, she founded a limousine business that was nationally recognized in 2003 at the Limo Digest awards in Atlantic City, New Jersey. After a brief period of retirement, Mrs. Newman founded Exquisite Events (www.exquisiteeventsusa.com) and is currently a wedding and event planner in Highland, Illinois. Mrs. Newman's parents are in Florida where her father is an eye doctor who is still practicing at 78 and her mother is retired. Her father-in-law is a retired Air Force fighter pilot, and instructor at the Fighter Weapons School, (commonly referred to as Top Gun) and her mother-in-law is a retired teacher. They reside in Baton Rouge Louisiana, and her husband is an engineer employed by SDDC-TEA at Scott Air Force Base. "I am appalled by the current culture of corruption in Washington and find it personally offensive that Congressman Costello accepted 3 million dollars in campaign contributions while running unopposed" states Mrs. Newman and she further maintains that "Campaign contributions to someone who is running unopposed are not contributions." According to campaign documents, Congressman Costello kept all the contributions in his war chest which certainly has the effect of discouraging future challengers to his seat. He may have a lot of money to throw around, but this is one fiesty lady who is taking him on and she has every intention of unseating him in the 2010 election with the fiery determination of a true patriot. Mrs. Newman is passionate about education and committed to improving the living and working conditions in East St. Louis. "Everyone deserves a chance at the American Dream and education is the only thing that breaks the cycle of poverty to give that chance to all of us." maintains Mrs. Newman and she is adamant that the residents of East St. Louis have access to the future that is available to all Americans. In addition to education, roads and taxes are also high on her agenda and she is a staunch supporter of the Fair Tax (www.fairtax.org) which is a consumption tax that eliminates the IRS and allows Americans to keep their entire paycheck. Mrs Newman is also a crusader for immigration reform and adamantly opposes amnesty for illegal aliens "It's a slap in the face for those immigrants who are here legally and obeyed the law" she maintains "and I refuse to support any type of amnesty for illegal immigrants. My stepmother came here legally and played by the rules to become a U.S. citizen and it's an insult to her to support amnesty for those who broke our laws." She maintains and refuses to support anything but strict enforcement of current immigration laws and also favors a law denying automatic citizenship to so-called "anchor babies" born to illegal immigrants on U.S. soil which usually allows the parents to stay and allows the baby--a citizen by birth to collect welfare benefits including food stamps and Medicaid courtesy of the taxpayers. To read about her platformand and/or contribute to her campaign, visit Mrs. Newman's website here: www.voteforteri2010.com and she can be emailed directly through the site.

Teri Newman's Illinois 12th Congressional Bid Endorsed by The Coalition for National Referendum

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Teri Davis Newman has been "enthusiastically endorsed" by The Coalition for National Referendum, a conservative group that believes the voice and wishes of the people should be heard by their elected officials.

Highland IL – Nov 14, 2009 – Chairman Myron Goretzky of The Coalition for National Referendum today announced that the Coalition "enthusiastically endorses" Teri Davis Newman for Congress in the 12th Congressional District of Illinois. The group which originally started as a research organization is now an advocacy organization which also represents thirty-four mainstream organizations on the issue of National Referendum. The Coalition for National Referendum believes, as did James Madison, a signer of the United States Constitution and the 4th President of the United States, that the "supreme authority" is the people. It is the organization's belief that when the nation is faced with an unsolvable problem - an issue that divides the American people, then a National Vote - a National Referendum - should take place. In the United States, 23 states have provisions for referendum and initiative on the statewide level. In 49 states, amendments to the state constitutions must be approved in a referendum. National Referendums have taken place in many countries, including Canada, England, Ireland, Italy, France, Denmark, and South Africa. Many countries have solved "unsolvable" problems by holding National Referendums. In South Africa, a national referendum led to the end of apartheid. In Ireland, national referendums have brought peace and stability. The Coalition for National Referendum also believes that with the decline in voting and the enormous impact that Political Action Committees make by contributing to candidates, there are times when a National Referendum on an issue would increase voter turnout and be the honest way to settle an issue. "I am determined to be accessible to the people of the 12th district of Illinois because they are the ones I will have to answer to in every election." said the candidate. Mrs. Newman is on the ballot as a Republican running in a traditionally Democratic district and is taking on a 23-year incumbent, Jerry Costello. "I am honored that the Coalition is endorsing my candidacy because I believe their philosophy of hearing the voices of the people, and I am committed to carrying out the wishes of the people of the 12th district of Illinois." said the smiling Mrs. Newman when she received word of the endorsement. She also stated: "The people of the 12th district have been ignored for too many years by their Congressional Representative and I am pledging to be their voice in Washington and to have a town meeting somewhere in the district at least twice a month." This would be a huge change in policy as there hasn't been a town meeting held by the incumbent Costello in a number of years. Mrs. Newman's message has been met with widespread enthusiasm in the district as she meets with her constituents during her daily campaign stops. Mrs. Newman went door-to-door during the nominating period to meet with the people of her district and to get their views on what is happening in the country. "It was an amazing experience to get to meet so many different people and to hear what they had to say about the direction of the country. I was thrilled that my message was so well received by virtually everyone I spoke with and plan to continue my campaign by meeting with as many of the voters of the 12th district as I can." stated Mrs Newman. The Coalition's website is http://www.nationalreferendum.org and Mrs. Newman's web site is located here: http://www.voteforteri2010.com. The primary election will be held on February 2, 2010 and the general election on November 2, 2010.

Congressional Candidate Teri Davis Newman joins Police and Firefighters in Demonstration

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12th Congressional District Republican Challenger Teri Davis Newman joined East St. Louis Police Officers and Firefighters in protesting the layoffs of firefighters and police officers in front of the Police Department in East St. Louis today.

East St Louis, IL – Sep 21, 2009 – In a rare move for a political candidate, Republican 12th District Congressional challenger Teri Davis Newman displayed strong support and joined police and firefighters on the street in front of the police department in their protests against the city of East St. Louis for cutting fire and police services and laying off police officers and firefighters. Mrs. Newman joined the protest to show her strong support of the embattled police and firefighters as they protested the city's attempt to reduce their budget shortfalls by eliminating 13 firefighter positions. Mrs. Newman refused to do an on camera interview with Channel 5 stating that she was there to support the firefighters, not to grab publicity at their expense. "I'm here to support the police and firefighters, not to further my political career." stated the likely Republican Congressional nominee as she mingled with the protestors and listened to their concerns. Later in the day, the Financial Advisory Authority rejected the budget cuts pushed by East St Louis mayor Alvin Parks because of sagging tax revenue which gave a reprieve to the firefighters who were scheduled to be laid off beginning October 1, 2009. When reached at home with the news, Mrs. Newman expressed her relief that the citizens of East St. Louis would not lose 13 firefighters for the foreseeable future and vowed to continue her fight for the citizens of East St. Louis. "They've been used by the Democrats for their votes to keep my opponent in office and it's time for me to take up their cause because the incumbent doesn't care about anything but getting re-elected" she stated "and I'm here to see that they get the representation they deserve".

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