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GraneyForCongress.com          Republican Primary: March 2           Early Voting: February 16-Feb 26

Tim Graney of Katy, TX formally filed as a Republican candidate for U.S. Representative for Texas' 14th Congressional District. Graney has been traveling the district, fundraising, and gaining momentum since announcing his candidacy nearly two months ago.

As a former small business owner and Conservative Republican, Graney says he is running because "...the 14th District, deserves new and effective leadership from a representative who will represent the people of this district instead of their own personal ideology. We need true representation of traditional Republican values and principles."

"Our campaign will communicate a 'Common Sense Conservative' message, focused on energy, business growth and American values," Graney said.

With an emphasis on the expansion of domestic drilling, nuclear energy and research, Graney sees our energy approach as "...paramount to the economic and long term security of our nation." Graney added, "For decades, the issue of Energy Independence has been talked about without anything ever getting done. Continued failure to act by the representatives in Washington has lead to a weakened national security and economy. I will reverse that trend of inaction. Recent events here at home and abroad are clear indications that we must remain steadfast in our efforts against our enemies – where ever they may reside."

As a small business owner, Graney experienced burdensome business taxes and regulations and stated, "This country needs a 'Common Sense Conservative' approach to job growth and clear business growth initiatives: Reduce Regulation, Reduce Taxation, Renew Jobs in America." Graney wants a zero percent tax rate for small businesses that have a yearly profit of less than one million dollars. He knows this will give them the freedom to reinvest their money into their business instead of government thus enabling them to grow jobs in their communities.

Speaking on American values and their importance, Graney said, "As we move our nation into the future it is imperative that we not forget where we have come from and how we got here. We must not lose sight of our American values that are being slowly eroded by political correctness. We must return to the principled roots of the founding values that have made America what it is today."

Graney added, "I know this race will be tough, but I am confident that my message of conservative principles and common sense solutions will resonate with the voters of the 14th District. I learned early in life that you have to stand up for what you believe in, and that's what I'm doing in this race, and that's what our supporters will rally behind." Graney has given up his consulting profession so he can dedicate 100% of his time to meeting and listening to voters throughout the 14th district of Texas while he is on the campaign trail.