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This page is part of the Transparency Hub project.
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Welcome to the Transparency Hub on the OpenCongress wiki. This project is loosely coordinated by John Wonderlich,  Daniel Schuman, Laurenellen McCann, and Matt Rumsey at the Sunlight Foundation.

We hope this will serve as an open, collective knowledge base for the transparency community. Know something good? Share it here.


Websites, tools, and apps for engaging and informing citizens

Federal Government Resources


Legislative Support Agencies


Executive Branch

President Obama's Record

Open Government Directive

Judicial Branch

Federal Law



Presidential Election Tracking

Foreign Money in U.S. Elections

International Resources

Open Government Partnership

State and Local Resources

Click on a state below for articles about its transparency laws, regulations and practices. These articles focus more on campaign contributions, lobbying and the electronic release of information.



State-level transparency resources


Journalism and accountability projects

Impactful uses of government data