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Travis Maddox is the Constitution Party candidate for the 7th Congressional District of Missouri

Travis Maddox is the Constitution Party candidate in the 2008 congressional elections for the 7th Congressional District (map) of Missouri. He will challenge incumbent Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) in the November 4, 2008 general election.


Positions, record and controversies

Less government, less spending

For too many years, our federal government has grown in size and intrusion into our lives. We must begin now to reverse this. The Constitution gives a place for the federal government, and a place for local government, but has stepped beyond those lines. Many areas of federal government need to be changed, closed, or greatly restricted. The Department of Education, for instance, intrudes on local control. The IRS has become an onerous and intrusive institution and it needs to be replaced, along with the massive societal logjam of tax regulations. The range of power that Homeland Security possesses is frightening. We used to have a War Department, but renamed it the Defense Department, but now that we have separated the functions by merging so many very different agencies, perhaps our departments need to be renamed--and redefined while we are at it. The Founding Fathers gave us the 10th Amendment in order to limit the scope of the federal government and leave many of the powers of government closer to home, closer to where we live. We need to rediscover this valuable idea.

Individual rights of the people

In reducing the size of government we return individual rights to the people. America was built on freedom and individualism that is what made us great and what will make us great again. People have certain God given rights that no man or government can or should take away. When government does Tyranny begins. Americans should have the right to choose their way in life, to succeed or fail. Where and how to educate. To protect their lives and their families with whatever means necessary. Where to live and whether to sell or stay on that property. What Doctor to choose or none at all. What church to attend and what to say behind the pulpit. How to raise children and how to give them their inheritance. A person has a right to be born and a right to live, a right to become something in life or nothing at all. A right to serve God the way he sees fit and a right to keep the money he earns. The Government cannot make these choices for us and should not take care of or intervene when they think we made the wrong ones. The government should stay out of our lives, our homes, our churches and our businesses. The Federal Government has very limited Constitutional powers and they should stick to those. These are the principles taught by our founding fathers and are the principles I will stand on in Office.

National sovereignty

Many people around the world since nearly the beginning, have looked up to the United States. Today though, that is not always true. We were looked up to for our freedoms and that we stood on our own two feet, took care of ourselves and did not force others to believe like we do.Those things are not true today. We depend on other countries, friend and foe, for far too many things from resources to workers, to products and money. We cannot make decisions without asking the global community or global courts first. Worst of all we have spent decades meddling in the business of other nations trying to police them and force our form of government and way of life on them. We need to get back to supporting ourselves with our own resources, our own products and our own workers. The border must be secured and we must enforce our laws concerning illegal labor. We must stop providing social welfare to illegal aliens. We must stand on our own currency that is backed by real money not a fiat currency whose value is dictated by what foreign markets will pay for it. We must return to a sound gold backed currency system where we control our currency not a private bank. George Washington stated that we must be careful of foreign entanglements but that we must honor our treaties and this we must remember. Only we are responsible for our destiny not the international community. We should never allow the UN any prerogatives that undermine or conflict with the sovereignty of the United States. Rather than do so, we should leave the organization. We should withdraw from the World Trade Organization and our Free Trade Agreements. I believe in fair trade not free trade. I believe in a strong military and a strong defense. Our military should only be used in defending our own security and interests. We must be certain that our policies, military might, and foreign relationships are executed with prudence and justice.

Corruption in politics

It is sad in American that the old jokes about corrupt and deceitful politicians have become the norm in America. We must force our elected officials to be transparent in all that they do. They are using our money to do what they do; it should be done the most honest and open way. Our politicians our bought and paid for by special interest groups and high paid lobbyist. We send politicians to represent us, not a select few. While doing this they become wealthier and loose touch with their constituents. We must be careful whom we elect and watch them like a hawk. We need honest men and women in Washington to represent us that is what I will be.


Travis Maddox has been involved in his local community and in politics from his teenage years. He has been very involved in the local church all his life. Travis has been an ardent supporter of the Constitution and has worked with groups and organizations to promote and restore our Nation to a Constitutional Republic.

Born in Nashville, Tenn., and moving to Missouri at the age of 5, Travis has been brought up from the beginning believing in Christian principles and individual liberty. He has been involved since childhood with the Assemblies of God Royal Ranger program for boys. In 1995 he earned the highest achievement the program offers, The Gold Medal of Achievement. In doing so he received special Resolutions from the Missouri House and Senate due to this achievement. Travis went on in leadership in Royal Rangers in over seeing several Royal Ranger groups in the Springfield-Branson area and still volunteers in his local church.

Travis was home educated most of his school life graduating in 1996. In 2000, Travis began his public service career by enrolling in Springfield-Drury Police POST Certification Academy. Travis' work experience started in local farming as a teenager then in construction work, banking industry and law enforcement.

Travis began his interest in politics at the age of 14 and has been a student of politics and the history of our Nation since. Travis began by being involved in gun-rights issues and volunteered in campaigning for conceal carry in Missouri. He has helped in donating history books to libraries and teaching children Missouri history. Travis worked as the Ballot Access Coordinator for the Constitution Party of Missouri, helping them petition and gain ballot access in Missouri. Travis currently donates his time as the Vice-Chairman of the Constitution Party of Missouri and as the Vice-Chairman of the Missouri Liberty Coalition.

Travis is the father of two young boys and currently resides in Springfield, MO.

2008 elections

Maddox is the Constitution Party nominee to challenge Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) in the 2008 congressional elections.[1]

Money in politics

Information on this candidate's 2008 fundraising is not yet available. Stay tuned for live feeds of data from the Center for Responsive Politics' site.

Committees and affiliations


Maddox will be assigned committees if and when he is elected to Congress.


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  1. Green Papers: Missouri's Congressional Candidates

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