U.S. Senate record vote 403, 110th Congress, Session 1

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Same for all scorecards:

Scored vote

Scorecard: Club For Growth 2007 Senate Scorecard

Org. position: {{{Vote position 1}}}


"Vote on a proposal that would extend and expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program. The pro-growth vote was "nay" because this proposal would greatly expand government intervention in health care. Passed 64-30."

(Original scorecard available at: http://www.clubforgrowth.org/2008/05/the_2007_congressional_scoreca_1.php)

Scored vote

Scorecard: FreedomWorks 2007 Senate Scorecard

Org. position: Nay


"This bill calls for $50 billion in new funding for the program that far exceeds the $5 billion requested by the President. In addition to greatly expanding a program that was originally designed to be a limited contribution to State health services, this bill would be a giant step toward government controlled health care. “Nay” votes are scored."

(Original scorecard available at: http://www.freedomworks.org/keyvotes/2007_senate.php)