U.S. Senate votes on the Iraq War

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The following chart is a summary of votes taken in the U.S. Senate with regards to the Iraq War since it began in March 2003. Following a brief description of each vote is a link for "more info," which leads to in-depth Congresspedia coverage of the particular bill and its consideration in the Senate.


2002: Authorizing President Bush to use military force against Iraq

Bill or amendment Date Vote Result Description
Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 (Senate Joint Resolution 45/House Joint Resolution 114)
Vote on amendment (#4869) to S.J.RES.45
October 10, 2002 Failed
To set a one-year limit on the congressional authorization to use military force in Iraq. (More info at full article.)
Vote on amendment (#4856) to S.J.RES.45
October 10, 2002 Passed
To provide cloture for a resolution authorizing the president to use military force in order to defend the national security of the U.S. against Iraq. (