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The OpenCongress team is in the process of building this wiki and importing the Congresspedia wiki on SourceWatch. Contact Conor Kenny via email to get it touch.


Pages requiring post-import cleanups

Because all pages that exist on Congresspedia (they have the "{{congresspedia}}" tag) over-write any pages here. Content-wise, this is good, but there's a few nuts-and-bolts pages that have to be reverted back to their old version, including:

Cleanup these categories:

Headline content

Important pages

Example: Harry Reid dev page

Example: California congressional districts and candidates

Design work

  • Page tools link in navbar goes to the bottom of each page.
  • The page tools are labeled as page tools.
  • Connect the light blue in the "wiki" tab to the wiki navbar.
  • No wrapping text around the table of contents
  • Reorder wiki navbar order to: Wiki Home - Community Portal - Participate! - About - Help - Random Page - Special Pages - Page Tools
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