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Transition stuff

The OpenCongress team is in the process of building this wiki and importing the Congresspedia wiki on SourceWatch. Contact Conor Kenny via email to get it touch.

Pages requiring post-import cleanups

Because all pages that exist on Congresspedia (they have the "{{congresspedia}}" tag) over-write any pages here. Content-wise, this is good, but there's a few nuts-and-bolts pages that have to be reverted back to their old version, including:

Cleanup these categories:

Headline content

Important pages

Example: Harry Reid dev page

Example: California congressional districts and candidates

Design work

  • Page tools link in navbar goes to the bottom of each page.
  • The page tools are labeled as page tools.
  • Connect the light blue in the "wiki" tab to the wiki navbar.
  • No wrapping text around the table of contents
  • Reorder wiki navbar order to: Wiki Home - Community Portal - Participate! - About - Help - Random Page - Special Pages - Page Tools
This is "pre" text. 

This is "tt" text.

Current meta-SourceWatch/Congresspedia projects

Meta templates


Revamping Help pages

Actions on SourceWatch/CP

Meta projects not started yet

Debating points on SourceWatch

Wikipedia has put a lot of thought into this and in general I'd like to move SourceWatch away from depending on case-by-case judgments from the sysops and managing editors. This should include a way of debating topics on SourceWatch.


Original research policies

  • Wikipedia has a policy banning synthesis of sources to advance a point (WP:SYN) as part of its policy on no original research. We need to write a more complete policy on original research for SourceWatch and I think I have no problem with what is banned under WP:SYN. This should be looked at thoroughly, however.

Keeping track of changes

Headline feeds

Updating OpenTasks through the pearlebot

Navigation templates and boxes

Opening up the policy-making process

Differences between Wikipedia and SourceWatch

Articles that need revamping:

Current research projects

Thoughts on design

One of the things I think about a lot is the design and display of SourceWatch and Congresspedia. If you like, you can see my notes on the matter and share some wisdom with me:

Useful shortcuts

Things I'm looking at that are cool

Thoughts on wikis and news

  • "Most notably, wikis can transcend the short attention span and fragmented view of issues and events inherent in traditional story-format reporting. With a wiki, no topic ever really "scrolls off the home page." Wiki pages are forever active -- even if they lie fallow for long stretches of time. And interested people can continue to watch and edit these pages indefinitely."
    - Amy Gahran, "Where Are the News Org Wikis?" Poynter Online, March 20, 2007.

Stuff of utility to me

Congress upcoming week news

These are other sources of upcoming-week-in-Congress news: