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I am Jzyehoshua from I appreciate the efforts of OpenCongress, and am just here to provide detail on Obama controversies not being mentioned. I source all my points with quality sources. I dislike Obama particularly, but have no fondness for Romney either, and would love nothing better than to see a 3rd party candidate win the election. I am socially conservative and fiscally liberal, and in between on other issues like the death penalty and immigration.


In case any of the OpenCongress staff is interested in my impression of the site, let me say that it looks nice but a few flaws currently prevent it from gaining a larger editor base (including myself):

  1. Annoying Rich Text Editor: The editor is horribly glitchy. There should be some kind of option to turn it off, it's that bad. It's the main reason I wouldn't want to edit here long-term, it causes a lot of aggravation trying to switch to the source code so I can format properly. And it takes time to load, and is just generally very annoying. The site would be better without the fancy editor, considerably.
  2. No Templates: Some of the site's templates are not up to date. For example, the refname attribute can't be used allowing multiple references to the same footnote. I'd take time to try fixing this myself if not for the annoying editor which is like pulling teeth.