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Wiki the vote tall.gif This article is part of the Wiki-The-Vote project to detail the positions and records of Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama. This article covers Obama and Health Policy. See the main page on Barack Obama for other positions and more info.
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Minimum wage

In 2006, Obama sponsored a bill that would limit congressional raises to the same rate as increases in the federal minimum wage.


Senior and Social Security Issues





In 2006, Obama, along with Senators Hillary Clinton, Edward M. Kennedy, Jim Jeffords, Patrick Leahy and Tom Harkin authored the Standing with Minimum Wage Earners Act of 2006. This bill would change the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1983 by keeping the wage increase for Congressional members at the same pace as the increase of the federal minimum wage. [1][2]

Main article: U.S. minimum wage legislation


Employment and affirmative action


Women's issues


Sexual orientation and gender identity


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  2. Text of S.2725, "Thomas (Library of Congress) legislative information site.

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