Coal Liquid Fuel Act

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The Coal Liquid Fuel Act (H.R. 2208) was a bill in the 110th Congress "to provide for a standby loan program for certain coal-to-liquid projects." (Official title.)[1]

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  • Amends the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to authorize the Secretary of Energy to enter into: (1) standby loan agreements with up to six qualifying CTL projects, at least one of which shall be owned by two or more small coal producers; and (2) a profit-sharing agreement with the project at the time the standby loan agreement is executed.[2]
  • Defines "qualifying CTL project" as: (1) a commercial-scale project that converts coal to liquid or gaseous transportation fuels; or (2) not more than one project at a facility that converts petroleum refinery waste products, including petroleum coke, into liquids or gaseous transportation fuels, and demonstrates the capture, sequestration, or disposition of carbon dioxide produced in the conversion process.[2]


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