Information Technology Industry Council 2007-2008 Senate Scorecard

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This congressional scorecard is from the Information Technology Industry Council. The original scorecard is available here. Click through a member's name for their full profile or click through a vote number to read its full description.




ITI's selected votes, as described by the organization. Click through for more information on each vote.

  1. S. 761, America COMPETES Act
  2. H.R. 3688, United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement Implementation Act
  3. H.R. 6, Comprehensive Energy Legislation
  4. S. Amdt. 5635 to H.R. 6049, Baucus-Grassley Tax Extenders Package
  5. H.R. 1424, Financial Rescue Plan


From ITI:

  • "Agree": Voted with ITI position
  • "Disagree": Did not vote with ITI position
  • "No vote": Did not cast vote
  • "Ineligible": Ineligible voter/ not in office



wiki name Vote 1 Vote 2 Vote 3 Vote 4 Vote 5 Score Agreeing Votes Agreement Ratio